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Our Hearing Care Centre is an open-plan practice with friendly, approachable staff willing to answer any questions you may have about hearing loss, hearing tests and digital hearing aids. Just pop in if you like and have an informal chat with us prior to an appointment. We offer Trials of all the ‘big 6’ brands of hearing instrument. That means you try your new hearing before having to decide.
You can test your own hearing (it only takes a minute! ) or collect our free one-minute hearing-checker to take home. Have a listen to the very latest Swiss hearing aids, as advertised on TV and try out our interactive hearing loss simulator (to hear what its like to have a hearing loss). If you’d like to arrange a free hearing consultation, call us: 01254 304074

We live here:
The Hearing Centre, Oswaldtwistle Mills, Colliers Street, Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire BB5 3DE –

Peter Hargeaves

20th December 2016

"I have been acquainted with R J Donnan Hearing Care for 5 years, since they opened up a clinic within our family business, Oswaldtwistle Mills Shopping Village. I have been thinking about this for a long time, and thought as it’s ‘on my doorstep’, I’d pay a visit. As I have very little hearing in my left ear, Robert advised me to try the Phonak CROS II – which enabled me to hear sounds from both sides more or less equally. I did find the hearing improvement to be quite impressive, although I was a little self-conscious that they aids might be seen. I then was able to try one Phonak V90 nano, a tiny pop in aid that no-one can see. The sound quality is impressive, but not perfect, however Robert assures me that the results will improve over the course of our next few appointments. Being able to try this aid for a week without having to buy it was invaluable to me, giving me the confidence that I was making the best decision. I would recommend R J Donnan for value, service and the trial service offered." Mr. Peter Hargreaves, Oswaldtwistle Mills

Paul Couper

12th October 2015

"All the people who know me know that I always intensively research a product before I buy it, if its a car, laptop or smart phone. I want the best on the market at the best possible price. I can now say that I have found another great product and service which is unbeatable by any of the high street stores. After getting talking to my friend of many years about my hearing problems, she suggested that I visit Rob and May down at Ossy mills, which I did around six weeks ago. After an initial hearing test and consultation, which was informal and relaxed, Rob offered me a free trial of the hearing aids that he recommended for my particular problem.Since having the aids in I have felt like a new person, I have been back several times for fine tuning, advice and usually a good chat and laugh. I would definitely recommend a visit to Rob and May to anyone before they splash out hundreds of pounds more than they should to the big name stores. What have you to lose?"

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